Operational Research Society of India is going to celebrate its 'Diamond Jubilee' in 2017. In the backdrop of ever increasing demand of resources, the relevance of the Operational Research as an effective scientific management tool is beyond any doubt and debate. The small group of Indian academics in the field of Operational Research appreciated this in the mid fifties and established the "Operational Research Society of India" in 1957 as the national forum of operational research scientists and practitioners under the leadership of Prof. P. C. Mahalanobis, the eminent statistician, who was the founder of the Indian Statistical Institute and the prime architect of Planning Commission in India. With a view to furthering the scope of exchange of knowledge in the field, the Society got affiliated in 1960 with the 'International Federation of Operational Research Societies' (IFORS), which was established in 1959. The headquarters of the Society is located at 39, Mahanirvan Road, Kolkata 700029, India, with sixteen chapters at different parts of India. The membership strength stands at 1078. The objectives of the Society comprise the promotion and propagation of knowledge in Operational Research, publication of the journal with original, high quality and state-of-the art papers on Operational Research and allied disciplines, and conducting courses / examinations to propagate the knowledge in Operational Research.
In pursuance of the objectives mentioned above, the activities of the Society may be broadly classified in the following three categories.
  • Publication of journal
  • ORSI publishes its official journal OPSEARCH, which is in its 53rd year of continuous publication. The journal is published quarterly by Springer, who acts as the co-publisher, entrusted with the responsibility of publishing (print as well as e-version) and distribution of the journal. The journal is widely acclaimed by the OR academics and practitioners in India and abroad.
  • Educational programme.
  • Keeping in view the limited scope of training / academic facilities on OR available in India in the early days, ORSI is conducting since 1973 a Graduate Diploma course in OR, which is duly recognized by the Govt. of India. The course is conducted on distance learning mode, particularly to facilitate the OR practitioners, who are otherwise unable to take recourse to a full time course.
  • Organizing Workshops / Seminars / Conferences
  • The chapters of ORSI organize workshops / seminars / conferences in regular intervals round the year. The annual convention on recent development and application of OR is organized by ORSI every year since 1968 at different locations in India. The year 2017 marks:
    • Diamond Jubilee of ORSI
    • 50th Annual Convention of the Society.
    • 125th birthday of its founder President, Prof. P. C. Mahalanobis
    Keeping in view the significance of the year 2017, the Society will celebrate this occasion in a befitting manner by organizing the Annual Convention (ORSI 2017) in conjunction with an International Conference on 'Advancing Frontiers in Operational Research: Towards a Sustainable World' (AFOR2017). To commemorate the 125th birthday of Prof. P. C. Mahalanobis, the Society has instituted three 'Distinguished Educator' awards in his honour for following three streams:
    i) Mathematics & Statistics, Other Science Disciplines.
    ii) Engineering.
    iii) Management.
Besides, ORSI has the credit of organizing the following important international conferences with IFORS:
  • 'International Conference on Transportation' organized by IFORS and ORSI during November 26 - 28, 1980 at Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi, India. The proceedings were published by north-holland.
  • First International Conference on Operational Research for Development (ICORD - I) was held at the Indian Institute of Management in Ahmedabad, India in December 1992.
  • Sixth International Conference of the Association of Asia-Pacific Operational Research Societies within IFORS (APORS 2003) on "OPERATIONAL RESEARCH: EMARGING PARADIGMS FOR INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY" was held at Hotel Grand Inter-Continental in New Delhi, India during December 08 - 10, 2003.
  • Fifth International Conference on Operational Research for Development (ICORD - V) was held at Jamshedpur, India in December 2005.
  • Eighth International Conference of the Association of Asia-Pacific Operational Research Societies within IFORS (APORS 2009) was held in Jaipur, India during December 06 - 09, 2009.