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Membership Category

Membership of Operations Research Society of India is open to all individual and organizations. There are various categories of membership.

  • Student member: Those who have not had a formal qualification of Operations Research and/or desire to take the graduateship examination conducted by the society.
  • Ordinary member: Those who have a formal graduate level qualification with Operations Research as one of the subject
  • Life member : Ordinary memers can become life member by paying one time life membership fee
  • Senior member: Those who are life member of the society for five years 
  • Institutional member: Organizations who are interested in spreading the knowledge of Operations Research
  • Corporate member: Organazation who pay a life time fee to get parmanent membership

Membership fee:


Resident Indian

Student Rs. 300 / yr  
Ordinary Rs. 600 / yr   $ 100 /yr
Life (below 60 yrs) Rs. 6000 One time   $ 1,000 one time
        (above 60 yrs) Rs. 3000 One time
Institutional Rs. 6,000 / yr   $ 1,000 / yr
Corporate Rr. 60,000 one time  


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