The course is a two years course comprising Part I and Part II. Each part comprises six subjects. All subjects in Part – I are compulsory except 'Qualifying Mathematics', in which a candidate is required to appear if he / she has obtained the bachelor degree, other than engineering, without successfully studying Mathematics as one of the subjects.

The list of subjects included in two parts is indicated below.

Part I

  1. Mathematics
  2. Statistics
  3. Economics
  4. Industrial Engineering & Computer Programming
  5. Cost Accountancy
  6. Introduction to Operational Research
  7. Qualifying Mathematics


Part II

Compulsory subjects:

  1. Linear and Non Linear Programming
  2. Inventory Theory
  3. Queuing Theory Reliability & Simulation
  4. Network Analysis, Investment & Replacement Theory

Electives (any two of the following):

  • Advanced Mathematics and Statistics
  • Operational Research in Marketing
  • Theory of Games & Statistical Decision Theory
  • Dynamic Programming
  • Control Process
  • Cybernetics
  • Econometrics


Please Note:

1. Entry qualification is Bachelor degree from a recognised university.

2. Fees:
i) Membership fees depending on the type of membership chosen
ii) Registration fees Rs.1,000/- valid for three years.
iii) Exam fees Rs.500/- per subject per exam

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