The Operational Research is a quantitative technique used to formulate management decisions wherever the necessity to optimize the utilization of resources vis-a -vis the return is crucial. Operational Research has wide applications in almost all fields of human endeavours i.e., industry, public utilities, social service, banking, health, agriculture and the likes. The modern management courses invariably include the basics of Operational Research. To provide an opportunity to students, academics as well as professionals to equip themselves with the knowledge of Operational Research, the Society is conducting a course on Operational Research which is recognized by the Ministry of Human Resources, Government of India.



  1. A candidate can appear in as many new subjects as he/she may choose in Part I at any examination.
  2. A candidate can appear only at Part-I subjects at the beginning. After qualifying in any three subjects in Part I, a candidate can appear in Part II subjects in the next year with the limitation that he/she will be allowed to appear in three new Part II subjects at a time. The latter limitation will cease after two years of his/her registration for the examination.
  3. There will be no limit to the number of back subjects in which one can appear in any examination in any part.
  4. A candidate who fails to clear both Part I and II in three years after registration, will have to register afresh, with all formalities and fees.
  5. The diploma conferred on completion of the two parts, is recognized by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India.
  6. A candidate is required to enroll as Student or Annual or Life member of the Society. Membership and registration has to be continued to appear at the examination. The membership application form is available under "Join Us" menu. 


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