Activity Report from July 2016 to June 2017 of: Ahmedabad Chapter

Criteria: Membership Drive

Sl. No. Name Category New/Renew

Criteria: Organizing Seminars / Conference *

Date Topic Venue Collaboration, if any.

Lecture Meeting



Conference / Annual Convention


Criteria: Governance

Liaison with HQ (Letter / E-mail)

Date Reference No. Subject/Remark

Meeting of the Chapter Council *

Date Date Date Date Date Date

AGM of the Chapter held on *

Election of Chapter Council held on *

Criteria: Website

New website URL & hosted on

Maintain existing website (adding / updating data)

Date Date Date Date
Data Vol. Data Vol. Data Vol. Data Vol.

Balance Sheet Submitted ~
FY 2014-15: NO
FY 2015-16: NO
FY 2016-17: NO

IMPORTANT: Submission of the audited balance sheet of the chapter is MANDATORY
*Hard copy of the brochure / proceedings to be sent to HQ for maintaining the office records.

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