Dear Member,

Sub: Changes in the Constitution of ORSI

You might be aware that the Constitution of the Operational Research Society of India is uploaded at the website at Please click on the icon ‘View the Constitution’ at the bottom of the ‘Home’ page to glance through the Constitution.

Incorporation of the changes in the Constitution is now due for review. The relevant Clause (i) of Aritcle IX is reproduced below for your ready reference.

‘Incorporation of changes in the Constitution will be reviewed every three years, starting from the date on which this Constitution becomes effective. The proposal(s) for change (s) may be initiated by the Central Council or by a Chapter through petition to the President, who in turn will forward the same for perusal and deliberation by the Constitution Sub-Committee comprising the President (Elect) as Chairman, Presidents of all chapters with Hon. Treasurer of the Society as Members and Hon. Secretary of the Society as Convener. The Constitution sub-committee shall put up their recommendation(s) to the Central Council.’

Accordingly, you may please initiate the proposal for incorporation of any change in the Constitution through the President / Hon. Secretary of the respective chapter to which you are affiliated. In case you are not affiliated to any chapter, please forward the proposal to the Hon. Executive Secretary of ORSI. The deadline for receipt of the proposal(s) by the Hon. Executive Secretary is 30 Apr 2017. The consolidated list of suggested changes will be put up to the President-ORSI by 06 May 2017.

With regards and best wishes,


N. M. Ganguli


Hon. Executive Secretary



Dear Member,

I am pleased to bring to your kind notice that the website of ORSI now provides its members the access to update the personal details as well as the information on their expertise / achievement directly at the membership page by registering oneself with the website. In order to register at the website of ORSI you must have your personal e-mail id recorded at the database. In case, you notice that your e-mail id is not shown at the membership page of the website, please forward your e-mail to; as early as possible. It has also been noticed that some of the e-mail ids as recorded in the website are now defunct. The members are also requested to check the same and forward the working e-mail id, which will then be incorporated in the database. Once you find your e-mail id recorded in the membership page please carry out the following steps serially to register yourself.


1. Visit the website of ORSI. 

2. Click on `Members List` under `MEMBERSHIP` icon in the home page.

3. Click on the icon `Click here` to start registration process.

4. Click on `Register Yourself` icon.

5. Enter your name as shown in membership page in the ORSI website.

6. Enter the user id which is your membership number as depicted in the website.

7. Enter your e-mail id as depicted in the website under E-mail (1).

8. Enter password.

9. Click submit.

10. Login at your E-mail (1). You will find the link for confirmation sent by web-master.

11. Click on the link to complete the registration process.

12. Log in at the membership site and update your personal information.

With regards and best wishes.

N. M. Ganguli


Hon. Executive Secretary


Click here for the Central Council of ORSI (2017-18).