Announcement  on paper submission Date :

Deadline for abstract/paper submissions for ORSI 2018 National Conferencehas been
extended to August 31st 2018.

Election Centerl Council for Year 2019 - 2020


Election Notice 

Dated: 07.06.2018

Dear Member of ORSI,

The election of the Central Council of ORSI for the years 2019 – 2020 is scheduled to be held this year as per the provisions of the Constitution of the Operational Research Society of India. The Constitution is available at the website of the Society at


The salient features for conducting the election are noted below. I am pleased to seek nominations for the posts in the Central Council from the general body of members in good standing with voting rights. The nomination form is enclosed herewith. The notice along with the nomination form is also available under News: icon of ORSI website and may be downloaded, if necessary. Scanned copy of the nomination form duly signed by the candidates and proposer & seconder is to be sent to with a cc to latest by 20/07/208.

Thanking you.


Yours sincerely,

Prabha Sharma

 Returning Officer ORSI Council Elections 2019-2020


Salient features of election to the Central Council of ORSI for 2019-2020.


The salient features quoted from the Constitution of the Operational Research Society of India for conducting the election of the Central Council are:

  • Nominations are sought for the following posts of the Central Council. Please note that the President of ORSI for 1919-2020 has already been elected – Professor Goutam Dutta was elected in 2016 for serving as President in 2019-2020. Also note that at least one of the serving Vice- Presidents has to be a female and at least three of the ten council members have to be females. All nominees are required to be of good standing and senior members at least for the last 5 years.

  • Nominations for the following posts are called for:

    • President Elect: One (for the years 2019 – 2020) 
    • Vice – President: Three (for the years 2019 – 2020) 
    • Hon. Secretary: One (for the years 2019 – 2020) 
    • Hon. Treasurer: One (for the years 2019 – 2020) 
    • Members: Ten (for the years 2019 – 2020)

The notice along with the nomination form is available under the News icon of ORSI website .

In case of electronic submission of the scanned copy of the nomination paper duly signed by the candidates and proposer and seconder is to be sent to with a cc to latest by 20/07/2018.

  •  Nominations shall be sought from the general body of members including corporate members in good standing with voting rights and shall be duly proposed and seconded by the members in good standing.
  • The Office Bearers and Members of the Central Council shall be Fellows / Corporate Members or Senior Members for at least five years in good standing.

  • The past Presidents may seek nomination to the Central Council skipping at least two scheduled Elections of the Central Council after he / she retires as immediate past President.

  • Election has to be sought for any one post. If the nomination is found valid for more than one Post, the prospective candidate has to withdraw from contesting the election except one of his /her choice; otherwise his / her nominations for all posts will be treated as invalid.

  • The office of the Hon. Secretary and Hon. Treasurer should be held by the eligible members in good standing, operating and elected from the area in which the headquarters of the Society is located.

  • Every member including the institutional and corporate members, other than student members, who does not have any outstanding dues to the Society as on 30th June of the year in which the election is due will be eligible to vote with one vote each.

Members interested to vote for the election, are requested to register their names at the website of ORSI at which has a special link for corporate members for the purpose. The site will remain open from 05/07/2018 to 20/07/2018.




ORSI Competition on Practice of Management Science and Analytics Call for Entry 2018 

Operational Research Society of India plans to start an industrywide competition to encourage, recognize and reward outstanding application of Operations Research, Management Science and Analytics in Practice in India. Made in line with Franz Edelman Award of INFORMS the objective of the award is to call out, recognize and reward outstanding applications in practice in India.

The prize/award will be provided to the client organization and no to individuals. The authors will be recognized with a certificate.

Rules for Entry 

  • Prize is for application and practice and not for theory or methodology. So an work having significant impact in financial terms on in policy changes will have higher chance of winning than one that discusses methodology with little relevance to practice.
  • The work has to be done in India by any organization located in India. MNCs located in India can enter provided the work was done completely in India and the first author and the lead author should be from India.  
  • By entering the competition, the organization will have to submit a declaration that they will submit a technical paper in about 6000 words by October, 2018. In addition the client organization will provide a letter from senior management that the work has been really implemented in practice making significant impact. 
  • ORSI team of judges will contact the client to verify the claims to select the finalist.
  • The company will have deliver a 20-30 minute presentation of the work in the Annual National Conference of ORSI.This year competition will be held at IIT, Bombay from December 16 to18, 2018. 
  • The paper after proper peer review will appear in OPSEARCH, 50 year old academic journal as a Special Issue. OPSEARCH is co-published by Springer . 
  • A maximum of five entry/ papers will be selected as finalists and only one will be declared as winner. 


Jury will be top researchers involved in practice from corporate India and academia. Prof. Sankarshan Basu will chair the Competition. Prof. Manoj K. Tiwari will be the Editor of the special issues of OPSEARCH. 

No jury member can be the author or co-author of any entry. 

Entry Procedure

Kindly send a two pages or 1000 words summary what you have done in your organization indicating the problem, the OR/MS/ Analytics methodology used, how the problem was solved and the impact of the work in financial terms and policy changes. Please also provide the name email-ID of all authors and name email_ID and mobile number of senior management of the organization. 

Kindly send the 1000 word summary by email to July 31th, 2018 to below mention deatils:

Prof. Sankarshan Basu Chair

ORSI Award on the Practice of OR/MS/ Analytics
Indian Institute of Management Bangalore Banergatta Road, Bangalore
Phone : 080-26993078


1. Last date for the Entry : July 31, 2018

2. Last date for selection of Semifinalists : August 31

3. Last date for selection of Finalist : September 30, 2018

4. Last date of submission of paper : November 30, 2018

5. Presentation at IIT, Bombay : 17th December, 2018

6. Declaration of winner : 18th December 2018

Require one Honorary Executive Secretary

(at Kolkata)

Minimum qualification:  Master degree in any branch, preferably mathematics as core subject in undergraduate level. 

Desirable good communication skill and writing skill, Computer knowledge with M.S. Office (Word and Excel). Five to ten years experience in office administration. Job responsibility - to manage day to day office administration of the Society. Communication with journal Editors/Springer (Publishing House)/Auditor/public and other statutory agencies. Senior Member of ORSI will get preference.

Age between 40-65, Duty 2.00 p.m. to 7.00 p.m./ 3 days per week/ Honorarium  Rs.2.0 lakh per annum (Approx).

Application with bio-data should reach to the Mail ID: by 10 July, 2018.

Operations Research Scientist - Amazon

Dear Prof. Vijay,


We have an opportunity for Operations Research Scientist role in Amazon within our Supply Chain Team.

We are looking for people with Ph.D. in Operations Research, Statistics, Applied Mathematics, Computer Science or a related field with publications in refereed academic journals. 

Request you to please share references if any. I have attached detail job description for your reference. 

Look forward for your support. 


Roopashri MV  

Warm Regards, |  Talent Acquisition  |  Amazon India
E:  P: +91 9845528028

Click here for detailed job description


Announcement on ‘Changes in the Constitution of ORSI’

Dear Member,

You might be aware that the Constitution of the Operational Research Society of India is uploaded at the website at Please click on the icon ‘View the Constitution’ at the bottom of the ‘Home’ page to glance through the Constitution. 

Incorporation of the changes in the Constitution is now due for review. The relevant Clause (i) of Aritcle IX is reproduced below for your ready reference. 

‘Incorporation of changes in the Constitution will be reviewed every three years, starting from the date on which this Constitution becomes effective. The proposal(s) for change (s) may be initiated by the Central Council or by a Chapter through petition to the President, who in turn will forward the same for perusal and deliberation by the Constitution Sub-Committee comprising the President (Elect) as Chairman, Presidents of all chapters with Hon. Treasurer of the Society as Members and Hon. Secretary of the Society as Convener. The Constitution sub-committee shall put up their recommendation(s) to the Central Council.’ 

Accordingly, you may please initiate the proposal for incorporation of any change in the Constitution through the President / Hon. Secretary of the respective chapter to which you are affiliated. In case you are not affiliated to any chapter, please forward the proposal to the Hon. Executive Secretary of ORSI. The deadline for receipt of the proposal(s) by the Hon. Executive Secretary is 31 May 2017.  


With regards and best wishes, 

N. M. Ganguli
Hon. Executive Secretary




Announcement on Registration with the ‘Membership’ database at the website of ORSI

 Dear Member,


 I am pleased to bring to your kind notice that the website of ORSI now provides its members the access to update the personal details as well as the information on their expertise / achievement directly at the membership page by registering oneself with the website. In order to register at the website of ORSI you must have your personal e-mail id recorded at the database. In case, you notice that your e-mail id is not shown at the membership page of the website, please forward your e-mail to; as early as possible. It has also been noticed that some of the e-mail ids as recorded in the website are now defunct. The members are also requested to check the same and forward the working e-mail id, which will then be incorporated in the database. Once you find your e-mail id recorded in the membership page please carry out the following steps serially to register yourself. This registration is also essential to cast the vote during the election of the Central Council of ORSI, because submission of nomination form and casting of votes through paper ballot have been dispensed with as the consequence to a decision of the Central Council to that effect.



1. Visit the website of ORSI. 

2. Click on `Members List` under `MEMBERSHIP` icon in the home page.

3. Click on the icon `Click here` to start registration process.

4. Click on `Register Yourself` icon.

5. Enter your name as shown in membership page in the ORSI website.

6. Enter the user id which is your membership number as depicted in the website.

7. Enter your e-mail id as depicted in the website under E-mail (1).

8. Enter password.

9. Click submit.

10. Login at your E-mail (1). You will find the link for confirmation sent by web-master.

11. Click on the link to complete the registration process.

12. Log in at the membership site and update your personal information.


With regards and best wishes. 

N. M. Ganguli
Hon. Executive Secretary



Announcement on ‘Distinguished Educator Award’



ORSI is the premier national society of the practitioners and academicians engaged in the application, propagation and development of the science of Operational Research, management sciences and Analytics. ORSI was founded in 1957 under the leadership of Prof P. C. Mahalanobis who continued to guide the societyfor the first seven years after its inception. Prof. Mahalanabis, a distinguished educator who was also the member of the Planning Commission, Fellow of Royal Society, founder of the Indian Statistical Institute and a President of the International Statistical Institute.

ORSI is pleased to announce that it is instituting award in honour of Prof. P. C. Mahalanobis,to felicitate the distinguished educators and professionals in India. This award will be presented to three distinguished educators one in Operations Research, one in engineering and one in management discipline during Diamond Jubilee celebration along with the 50th Annual General Meeting during 21-23 December 2017.


A.      Eligibility Criteria:

1)       The nominee must be Indian citizen.

2)       He / She should have completed ten years’ experience in teaching/research.

3)       He / She must belong to arecognized educational institution teaching O.R. / Management Science/engineering in respective stream / involved in application / research in industry.

4)       Each nominee has to be proposed by at least one 'Senior Member' of ORSI and seconded by someone belonging to the stream for which the nomination is proposed. (Self-nominations are also accepted)

5)       The nominee should have distinguished teaching, research /application and publication record.

6)       Members of P.C.Mahalanobis Committee Award Committee are not eligible for this award.

B.      Selection Procedure:

The Central Council of ORSI has constituted a Selection Committee of five members, comprising three experts (one each for each stream) from three different regions, one of the current Vice-Presidents or past Presidents of ORSI, asthe Chairperson, and the Hon. Secretary of ORSI, as the Convener of the committee. The Selection Committee will evaluate the merit of the contribution and / or achievements of the nominees and recommend the panel for consideration and approval by the Central Council. Selection committee will evaluate the nominees keeping in view the following broad selection criteria:

1)       Dissemination of knowledge.

2)       Grooming talented professionals.

3)       Impact created in the society.

4)       Enhancing knowledge in their respective field.

5)       Social contribution through education.

C.     Award to be presented:

1)       Distinguished Educator Citation from ORSI.

2)       Cash Award of 10,000/- each.

D.     Every nomination has be proposed and seconded by two senior members of the society.   Interested candidates can send their detailed CV for the consideration of the committee indicating their teaching, research, and consultancy experience in operations research, management and engineering.

The CV(s) of the nominee(s) must accompany the nomination. Self-nomination is generally not encouraged.

Please forward the nomination(s) for the person(s), whom you would like to nominate, in the prescribed pro-forma attached herewith latest by 31July 2017.

The detailed application with the CV of the prospective nominations can be sent electronically to                  


Prof. Bijan Sarkar

Convenor,  Prof. P. C. Mahalanobis Award Committee

Professor, Department of Production Engineering

Jadavpur University, Kolkata


Phone(M)  : 9831795761


Click here to download : Nomination form for the 'Distinguished Educator Award' 


Click here for the Central Council of ORSI (2017-18).